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 Helpful Hints


When you create a photo book with Bonté Books you can expect beautiful results. To ensure the layout process is as easy as possible, we've collected a few tricks we’ve discovered. It's just our way of giving you a virtual helping hand. If you have any questions, please contact customer service. After you've reviewed these, you can easily go back to creating your next brilliant Bonté book here.

  1. Our software requires updated browsers, i.e. Chrome, Firefox 8, Internet Explorer 7.
  2. Your work will auto save. Yay! No need to fret.
  3. There is no undo option, but you can remove photos and edit text.  
  4. To get started, select which photos will be in your book using your own photo software, i.e. Adobe Photoshop. Next save them in a new folder then upload that folder into our software. This is a significant time saver! You can also use photos directly from Flickr or Facebook.
  5. Do not use punctuations within your spine lettering, the software will reject your order.
  6. Discover the Icons and their meanings:
    • Life preserver = Help
    • Magnifying glass = Description
    • $ = Calculator
    • Gear = Product options, includes cover color, cover finish, spine text, name of book. This is very important. Make sure to click here and fill it out before you order! 
    • Magic wand = Photo editor 
  7. Steps for creating a full bleed cover (some themes don’t offer this so here's our advice!)
  • “Drag and drop” your image onto cover
  • Select image edit button- “the magic wand”
  • Under “advanced” undo lock frame
  • “Click and drag” frame to desired position
  • You may have to zoom in on your photo